Propane Tank Installations

Fuel Services Propane Tank InstallationsPropane tank installations must be performed by licensed companies only; Fuel Services is licensed and qualified to install a variety of propane fuel tanks throughout the Greater Springfield, MA area. Propane is easily stored, and we provide expert tank installations and connections.

Depending on local ordinances, propane tanks may even be located underground due to the non-toxic nature of the fuel.

Important considerations when installing propane tanks include the following:

  • The Company and Technicians Are Licensed
  • Correct Sizing of the Tank
  • Applying Correct Distance Rules
  • Assuring Compliance with Permitting and Construction Regulations

At Fuel Services, our technicians and staff maintain all the required licensing for any size propane installation job, including necessary licensing and other common and specific requirements within Massachusetts and Connecticut. And, we have experience in sizing storage tank needs. This is important because the cost of installation can be managed based upon proper engineering calculations and the anticipated usage. Fuel Services also understands the importance of compliance and safety. We will assure you that all state and local requirements for installation and construction are within code guidelines. This gives you the comfort and peace of mind that the installation is professionally done.

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Fuel Services Provides Your Tank: Aboveground or Below

Fuel Services provides you a propane storage tank along with our propane delivery services, whether you have your tank installed aboveground or below. This way our customers have none of the worry or cost of personal ownership of the tank. Usually, propane tanks will be installed using a crane and will be secured to a concrete pad if it is installed aboveground. Underground propane tanks will be installed by lowering the tank into a pre-dug chamber before gas hookups and plumbing occur. Whatever your preference or requirements, Fuel Services can provide the best advice, engineering, and options in the industry coupled with the professionalism that you expect.

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