Fuel Services offers a full line of propane services, fuel delivery options, and high-efficiency products.

Propane Delivery

Clean-burning and versatile for your whole-home energy use, the value of propane is tough to beat. We provide reliable, safe propane delivery to help fuel our customers’ heating systems, cooking stoves, clothes dryers, and more.

Monthly Budget Plans

Know exactly what your fuel payments will be this year with our SmartPay Propane Even Payment Program and manage your payments with more ease than ever before.

Propane Tank Installations

We put safety first, especially when it comes to your home’s fuel storage. If you are converting to propane or are in need of a tank upgrade, we can assist you carefully and professionally with an expert propane tank installation.


While propane is a dependable fuel for your home comfort, it’s important to be aware of a few basic safety tips. If you have not already, please share this important propane safety information with everyone in your household for your utmost protection and preparedness.

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Fuel Assistance

We accept fuel assistance programs! For more information or eligibility details, contact us or visit one of the following programs we accept:

New England Farm Workers’ Council (NEFWC)

Valley Opportunity Council (VOC)

Franklin County Community Action


…and many more!