Kerosene Delivery

For quality kerosene fuel delivery in the Greater Springfield, MA area, count on Fuel Services. We sell quality kerosene at competitive prices for your convection or radiant kerosene heating. The kerosene fuel we deliver is reliable and provides comfort evenly throughout your home as an alternative to other heating sources.

Benefits of Using Kerosene in Your Home:

  • Kerosene heating equipment does not require electricity, so if you lose power you can rest assured that you will still have a viable heat source
  • It’s an adaptable home energy source in that it can also be used to fuel stoves and lanterns in addition to home heating
  • The fuel can be stored in high-quality heating fuel tanks just like standard home heating oil

Kerosene is a multi-faceted fuel that is often used for lighting, heating, and cooking. It finds uses in space heaters for homes and in commercial use. Kerosene has even been used to power bus fleets in cities and to fuel jet and rocket engines.

How can we assist with your kerosene fueling needs? Contact us to learn more about using the fuel or to place an order.