Oil Tank Installations

Are you in need of a home heating oil tank? Fuel Services offers expert installations on all types of residential fuel oil storage tanks in the Greater Springfield, MA area. If your current oil tank is underground and you would like to upgrade to a safer, more convenient aboveground oil tank, our certified technicians can install your new tank professionally and safely. We also provide the installation of energy-efficient oil heating systems!

Featured Brand: Roth®

Roth double-walled heating oil storage tanks are strong and durable so you can rely on a safe, quality product that will last. Fuel oil storage tanks typically corrode from the inside out, which is why an annual tank test is important, but Roth’s double-walled tanks offer rust-resistant protection which can help to extend the life of your home heating oil tank.

  • Leak-proof, rust-proof, and corrosion-resistant to protect the environment and your property
  • Made with state-of-the-art technology to ensure maximum storage safety and minimum space requirements
  • Oil- and fire-resistant seal makes it safe and reliable
  • Can be used for heating oil, diesel, and biofuels (up to B20)

Learn more about a home heating oil tank installation from the professionals at Fuel Services. Contact us today!

Upgrade Your Oil Tank