SmartPay Fuel Oil Even Payment Program

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Spread your heating oil payments throughout the year rather than in a few short months with SmartPay. The amount paid each month is based on the estimated amount of heating oil you’re expected to use throughout the heating season. This allows for better preparation of budgeting and greater convenience, as you will not have to worry about large heating bills in the winter months.

How it works:

    • We estimate your annual usage based on billing histories from the previous two years.
    • If that info isn’t available; we estimate based on house size, occupancy, heating preferences, and what the use is of the fuel.
    • We calculate using current heating oil rates and divide by 11 months to determine the monthly payment.
    • It’s that simple!


SmartPay Propane Budget Plans

Green Bill

For more information about our paperless billing option click here…

Benefits of SmartPay Program:

  • Discount on every gallon delivered
  • Predictable monthly payment
  • Ability to roll service plan cost in with monthly fuel payments

To find out more about our SmartPay payment plan, please contact our office. And if you’re interested in going green and getting paperless bills click on the logo for info! These convenient services make the perfect combo! 

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