B5 Ultra Clean Heating Oil

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B5 Ultra Clean is our premium, environmentally cleaner heating oil.

For over 25 Years, we have promised our Customers the highest quality products and services available on the market. Our new Premium B5 Ultra Clean Fuel is the next step in keeping to this Promise!

We believe you deserve the cleanest, most efficient fuel for your home – and we are excited and proud to begin delivering this product today!

Our bio heating oil is made up of a blend of Ultra-Low Sulfur Heating Oil, Biodiesel, and UltraGuard™ Advanced Fuel Treatment. In 2018, Massachusetts will mandate Ultra-Low Sulfur Heating Oil, but we have decided to start delivering now!

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Ultra-Low Sulfur Heating Oil contains less than 15 parts per million (ppm) sulfur. The lowest sulfur content heating oil available! This heating oil is significantly cleaner burning than the 500 ppm heating oil delivered by our competitors today.

Biodiesel is the evolution of oil heat. This fuel is nontoxic, biodegradable and completely sustainable. BioDiesel is made from soybeans and other natural sources and substantially reduces greenhouse gas emissions. It also gives the added benefit of greater lubricity AND a higher, safer flash point than conventional fuels.

UltraGuard™ Advanced Fuel Treatment is a premium fuel additive which includes fuel stabilizers and corrosion inhibitors. It helps keep your line, filter, strainer, and nozzle clean and operate more efficiently.


Benefits of B5 Ultra Clean

 No Additional Cost to You

  • B5 Ultra Clean is being delivered to our #2 Heating Oil Customers at no additional costs.

Doesn’t Require ANY Modifications to Current Equipment.

  • Enhances and extends the life and efficiency of your current equipment.
  • An efficient system means you will burn less fuel and enjoy fewer service calls!

Environmentally Friendly – Cleaner Air for our Community 

  • Greenhouse gas emissions are reduced.
  • B5 Ultra Clean is a cleaner and more efficient fuel source.

 Creates Jobs & Decreases Foreign Fuel

  • The industry has plants in nearly every state.
  • Its growth has helped diversify energy supply while creating jobs and economic activity.


How can we assist with your B5 Ultra Clean fueling needs?

Contact us to learn more about using this fuel or to place an order.