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When it comes to oil heating system repairs, you need the job done quickly, and done right which is why so many homes and businesses in the Greater Springfield, MA area chose Fuel Services as their home heating oil provider. Many other companies are inexperienced and unable to provide the reliable solutions you expect. A fly-by-night contractor will underprice a job to get the sale, but, if they lack the technical expertise to complete accurate work, they certainly aren’t saving you money. And it will be impossible to find these contractors when things start to go terribly wrong. The professionals from Fuel Services, Inc. not only complete superior work but our licensed technicians will provide regular maintenance on the installation of replacement equipment.

Fuel Services’ service department is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for your oil heating needs. Our dedicated staff of technicians is trained to work on all heating systems and we stock parts needed to keep your system running. Fuel Services, Inc. services all makes and models of equipment. All HVAC service calls start with a thorough inspection of your system that provides you with an explanation of the repair and firm price to accomplish the repair. Our customers also have the advantage of Fuel Services’ upfront pricing. Furthermore, our customers get the advantage of a ONE YEAR parts and labor warranty on any repair. When you deal with Fuel Services, Inc. you will get on-time scheduling, firm pricing, well-trained and courteous technicians who do it right the first time, and an industry leading warranty on the repair.

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Fuel Services’ service team is NATE-certified, factory trained, and familiar with all makes and models. We are licensed, fully insured, and recognized as Trane® Comfort Specialists. Our technicians receive regular updates in product and technological developments, and we use factory authorized parts to ensure superior reliability. By hiring only the most qualified individuals and holding ourselves to a high standard of excellence, we exceed your expectations for accurate, lasting, and cost-effective results.

Neglecting a hardworking heater is an expensive oversight. Dirt accumulation wreaks havoc within a heating system: airflow is restricted, efficiency decreases, and the furnace’s capacity to generate heat suffers. You may also notice longer run times as the furnace struggles to achieve ideal temperatures. Monthly operational costs will steadily rise as comfort diminishes. These extended cycles not only eat up energy, they cause wear and tear resulting in component failure. There’s the very real possibility of overheating. Overheating is even worse than it sounds. It could result in damage to the heat exchanger.

The heat exchanger on a furnace is the metal that divides the fire from the air stream. The concern with a crack in the heat exchanger is that it can allow combustion products into the air stream and leads to serious health problems. The furnace may still operate even while presenting a very real danger to your home and family. Any problems with the heat exchanger need to be detected and addressed immediately.  Annual service from Fuel Services, Inc. ensures the integrity of your heat exchanger isn’t compromised and safe conditions are maintained within your heating system. Our techs check for proper startup, operation, and shutdown and perform an extensive task list to provide complete peace of mind.


Our 20-Point Oil Heating System Tune-Up Includes the Following:

  1. Inspect oil tank and fuel supply systems
  2. Replace oil filter cartridge and pump strainer
  3. Clean nozzle assembly and replace nozzle
  4. Inspect burner fan, coupling, and chamber
  5. Check and adjust electrodes and controls
  6. Check and set oil pump pressure
  7. Lubricate blower motor, burner, circulator(s), and power venter motor
  8. Check fan belt and replace as needed
  9. Inspect air filters
  10. Inspect and clean smoke pipe
  11. Inspect and vacuum combustion chamber and boiler sections
  12. Total system safety inspection
  13. Visually inspect wiring
  14. Check operation of thermostat(s)
  15. Test antifreeze, when applicable
  16. Adjust system to maximum efficiency
  17. Balance draft regulator
  18. Perform a combustion efficiency test
  19. Check for oil, air, and water leaks
  20. Clean up work area

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Seasonal service prepares your heating system for the upcoming cold season. Potential problems are addressed before they disrupt your comfort and cost far more in emergency repairs. Peak energy efficiency is restored, keeping operational costs at a minimum. Dirt and contaminants are eliminated, allowing for clean, healthy breathing air. Safety checks are performed, protecting your home and family from harm. We deliver results that keep you warm and comfortable, no matter how brutal or how long our Springfield, MA winter lasts.

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