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4 Ways to Keep Your Home Cooler on Hot Days

With the rainy spring almost behind us, many people enjoy this mid-season break from heating costs. However, cooling season is just as important, especially on those scorching 90 degree days (and many more to come!) Many people’s first instinct when they come home to a hot, stuffy house is to open the windows. However, if […]

Here’s Why You Should Recharge Your A/C Unit NOW

A/C Charging is About to Change Within the next three years, the most common type of refrigerant used in residential and commercial air conditioners (R-22) will be phased out. What does this mean for you and what are the options? How will this affect the cost of repairs to your HVAC system? Do you need to […]

Amazing World of Dr. Seuss Museum Opens June 3rd

One of our area’s claims to fame is being the home of Theodore Geisel, aka Dr. Seuss. The iconic children’s author has not only entertained generations, but also inspired many with a love of reading and art. The new ‘Amazing World of Dr. Seuss Museum’ will officially open on Saturday, June 3rd at the Springfield […]

Local Memorial Day Events

Memorial Day weekend is the first long weekend which un-officially kicks off summer.  There are many local town observances, parades or ceremonies to honor the fallen soldiers who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our country. While you are enjoying your long weekend, please take a few moments to remember the men and women who made […]

Tune-Up 101

  “Tune-up” is a term that’s frequently heard in not only the home comfort industry, but in virtually every service industry. Though regular tune-ups are far too often overlooked, they are one of the most important services our industry offers. A properly performed tune-up assures you that your system is operating at peak safety, reliability, […]

Central Air or Ductless? Choosing The Right Cooling System

  When choosing a new air conditioning system, make sure you are getting the right equipment for your home. Central air conditioners and heat pumps both perform similar functions, but are best suited for different types of homes. Before choosing your new system, read our blog to learn which type, ductless or central air, is […]

It’s Spring in the Valley – Get out there!

Spring brings lots of reasons to want to get outside, and our region has lots of family-friendly activities! The World’s Largest Pancake Breakfast This Saturday, May 13 in Downtown Springfield is the World’s Largest Pancake Breakfast! Tickets are $1 for children and $3 for adults. You can’t beat that price! It’s a great community event bringing […]

Climb Aboard the S Trane

Anyone who has done business with Fuel Services knows that we are passionate proponents of advancing the technology of the home comfort industry. You can see it from our service vehicles, which are all equipped with computers to give our technicians instantaneous information about your equipment, to the very fuels we put in your tank […]

It’s Time to Talk Tanks

Heating oil tanks are generally very well constructed and extremely durable, and you can rely on them to store your oil without any issue. Most tanks are built to last 10-20 years – if not longer – and secure against the ravages of time or almost anything Mother Nature throws at it.   That said, […]

The Science of B5 Ultra Blend

It’s easy for any fuel marketer to say the fuel they offer is the “best.” When you hear us say that the B5 Ultra Blend we deliver is better for both your equipment and the earth, we understand that some may consider that standard-issue “marketing-speak.” Fair enough. The best way to put some substance behind […]